Tips About Feeding

Tips about feeding that will make your baby and you happy.

newborn baby burping upright

Upright After Feeding

Upright After Feeding

Holding your newborn in an upright-burping position over your shoulder for about 20 minutes after feeding is a very important tip. It may sound like a luxury, but I assure you it is a worthwhile endeavor.

After a Feeding  

Newborns usually fall asleep easily after a feeding. A little upright holding with your baby’s arms over your shoulder, a little patting, and soon you have a happy, sleeping baby. The newborn in the picture shows how completely relaxed in sleep your baby can be after a feeding.

Deep Sleep

And, 20 minutes after falling asleep your baby should be in a deep-sleep state. Once in deep sleep it’s easy to transfer your baby to the crib without waking your baby.

More Comfortable

Your newborn should also be more comfortable and settle more easily because all of the burps should have a chance to escape during the extra holding and burping time.

Less Spitting Up

Upright after feeding also provides the added benefit of leaving the food inside when your baby burps. That’s not always the case when you lay your baby down shortly after a feeding. Frequently, these lying-down baby burps push out some of the milk too!

Saves Time and Laundry

In the long run your baby should spit up much less with the additional holding time, which means less laundry for you and more comfort for your baby. You may save time by taking time with your baby.

Spending this relaxing time with your newborn is very enjoyable as you’ll soon see.

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

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