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You Could Win!

You Could Win!


In the spirit of giving I would like to give away my book to 6 lucky winners in this easy contest.  There will be 3 eBooks given for iPad, and 3 eBooks for Kindle. The drawings will be held on the last 3 Sundays in December 2013. Odds of winning this weekend Dec. 15th are high with only a couple of days to enter!


I have been sharing observations, experience, wisdom, and research about newborn babies, and about the experience of having a newborn. Perhaps I’ve missed some things along the way that are important to you. Here is an opportunity for you to share your newborn concerns, questions, requests for more or new information about newborns and newborn care. You may enter as many times as you like.


Anyone may enter the contest.

You may enter as many times as you like, a different concern or question per entry.

You may give you winning prize as a gift to someone else.

If you have an iPad, start your contest entry with the word iPad for the Apple version of the book.

If you have a Kindle or Kindle Reading Application, start your contest entry with the word Kindle for the Amazon version of the eBook.

Entries will be numbered consecutively as they appear on the website. All iPad entries will be assigned consecutive numbers (1-n) as they appear in the list. All Kindle entries will be assigned consecutive numbers (1-n) as they appear in the list.

Research Randomizer will be used to generate the random winning numbers, one for each group, each week, for a total of 6 winners.

Winners will be posted on Sundays, the day of the drawing.

Each week will start with a new Post to announce the last winner and to request new entries. You may resubmit entries from a prior week, and you may add new entries too.

You will have 2 days to accept your winning eBook. After 11:59 PM on the Tuesday following the Sunday drawing your win will be forfeited if not claimed.

Prizes will be sent via email.

Apple Codes expire 4 weeks after issue.


So jot down all of those questions that have popped into your mind, and go ahead and start entering them here at the end of this blog. Remember to start each entry with iPad or Kindle.


For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

Note: There were no entries for the first drawing Dec. 15, 2013.

New Version of Newborn Baby Manual

If you have a copy of this ebook you will be interested to know that an updated version is now available for your added reading and viewing enjoyment.

New Book Cover Art for WP jpeg300px

What’s New

Font change in the videos makes it easier to read captions while keeping your focus on the demonstrations.

List of Baby Care Videos is hyperlinked to give you easy access to any video any time.

“Praise for Newborn Baby Manual” page shares insight into what this book offers from the readers point of view.

Simplified cover art captures the unique feature of embedded videos. All of the “Things You Should Know” are still the same.


I hope you enjoy the new version of your book.  I think you will like the video changes!

D. Fravert, RN

Look Inside Newborn Baby Manual

The Table of Contents

All of the topics at a glance

The complete list of Baby Care Videos

These will help immensely

The important benefits provided by Newborn Baby Manual

Gifts for you and your babyFor you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

The Table of Contents



Now babies come with instructions too! 

New Book Cover Art for WP jpeg300pxEverything you need to provide exceptional newborn care and raise an amazing human being is at your fingertips … literally. This multi-touch ebook offers delightful how-to baby care video demonstrations to show you how to change your baby’s diaper, how to give your newborn a bath, how to trim those tiny nails, and so much more.

“Taking Your Baby Home” helps you know what to expect and what to pack for your first days together.

“Learning About Your Baby” teaches you how to read your baby’s cues, how to have a smarter baby, the benefits of babywearing, the perfect design of baby sleep, etc.

“Tips” offers 65 pages of nothing but practical tips for swaddling, holding, bathing, feeding, changing diapers and clothes, etc.

“Health, Safety & Education” provides peace of mind as you learn about hand washing, preventing falls, fever, when to call the doctor, and more.

“Most Important” teaches you about intentional baby care and the amazing benefits for your newborn, present and future.

Gentle guidance, encouragement, and support fill these 160 pages, giving you confidence and peace of mind.

Having a baby nurse demonstrate baby care and provide answers to your questions 24/7 is extremely helpful in these early days of learning about your newborn. Newborn Baby Manual offers you that opportunity.

The post “Look Inside Newborn Baby Manual” provides a detailed Table of Contents and  complete list of Baby Care Videos for this newborn care instruction manual. You can download Newborn Baby Manual on your iPad or Kindle.

Praise for Newborn Baby Manual …

“I absolutely loved the book. It is personal, yet factual, and supported by science. The step-by-step instruction along with the video tutorials make it easy for new parents to learn….”

Denise Malig, RN, BSN, baby nurse, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford

“We are loving the book, thank you! There is a wealth of information in this guide to newborn care. My husband and I are going through it together. Very helpful! I’ll definitely be telling my friends about it!”

Cara Bailey, first-time mom in third trimester, due May 2013

“….they say “Babies don’t come with an instruction manual.” Well, here it is! This book gives clear, concise information about everything newborn. All of the topics are easy to understand. The videos are so detailed you will feel like you brought your nurse home from the hospital!”

Ana Sanchez, RN III, baby nurse, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford