Will You Be Helping Someone Through Labor?

Here is a guide to help you prepare.

Deliver! —A concise guide to helping the woman you love through labor by Julie Dubrouillet and Simon Firth.

Deliver! is an easy read, detailing how you as the supportive Dad (partner, friend, grandparent …) can offer the most productive help throughout the labor process. As labor conditions change, the help you offer will change too.

Gentle guidance is the theme of this book, giving you plenty of room to experiment and modify the support you offer. You will be expertly guided to discover what works best for the two of you, while helping you to create very special memories you’ll share for a lifetime.

As stated in Deliver! “Women who feel they were taken care of, respected and listened to, will typically look back at labor as a positive experience.”

If you’ve been wondering how you can be supportive and involved in this wonderful adventure you’re about to experience, you will find the encouragement and guidance you desire in Deliver!

For more information go to their website


For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN


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