Benefits of Breastfeeding

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health article “Why Breastfeeding Is Important” breastfeeding is not only beneficial for your baby, but as you will soon see it’s beneficial for you, and for society too!

Newborn Breastfeeding

Newborn Breastfeeding

Baby Benefits

Breast milk composition changes naturally (like magic) to exactly match your baby’s growing needs.

Breast milk proteins are easier for your baby to digest than cow’s milk proteins.

Breast milk is rich in antibodies and nutrients that help your baby’s immune system provide protection against: ear infections, stomach viruses, diarrhea, respiratory infections, atopic dermatitis (dry itchy skin), asthma, obesity, diabetes types I and II, leukemia, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). That’s powerful!

Mommy Benefits

Breastfeeding burns calories and has been shown to help mothers with weight loss after birth.

Breastfeeding releases the amazing hormone oxytocin which helps you to relax, gives you that feel-good sensation, and acts to create a special bond between you and your baby.

Breastfeeding is less expensive because you don’t need to purchase food (until solids of course) or bottles.

Breastfeeding saves you time and money, with fewer trips to the doctor for yourself and for your baby.

Moms who breastfeed their babies have a lower risk for diabetes type II, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, postpartum depression, and osteoporosis … thank you Mother Nature!

Society Benefits

Babies who are breastfed are protected against many diseases and illnesses, therefore:

There are fewer visits to the doctor.

There are fewer medications prescribed.

There are fewer admissions to the hospital.

Breastfeeding reduces health care costs.

Fewer mothers miss work, given that their babies are healthier.

Work productivity is higher and medical costs to the employer are lower.

Breastfeeding is environmentally friendly, due to less waste from plastic bottles and cans.

In Summary

As you see breastfeeding your baby has many life-affirming outcomes and benefits for you, your baby, and society.

For the full article click here.

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

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