My Book

Complete Guide to Newborn Care

If you would like to have all of the information and all of the video tutorials at your fingertips you’ll want to get the book that inspires this website.

SS Book Cover Art

Everything from how to hold your newborn to how to improve your baby’s brain development is clearly explored and demonstrated so you’ll be ready to care for your newborn when the time comes. Confidence will come quickly and easily.

Practical tips and how-to baby care videos make learning about your amazing newborn easy and fun.

Download Newborn Baby Manual on your iPad or Kindle to tap into this wonderful adventure.

What Others Are Saying …

“The videos in the book go beyond what all the other books can offer and they help you learn a lot quickly and not be afraid.”         — by  k a n g a

“An emphasis on touch, love, and attention as building blocks for a happy, trusting, self-confident, loving human being.”                    — by  Susan D. Wheeler, RN, MS

“The author gives practical, no-nonsense advice that comes from being a baby nurse, in a loving and nurturing way that comes from being a mother.”                                                                              — by  nicolle y.

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