Benefits of Bottle Feeding

Here are some benefits that bottle feeding provides.

Newborn bottle Feeding

Powerful Connection


Bottle feeding is usually easier for mothers and babies to learn.

It’s comforting to see how much your baby is taking at each feeding.

Any trusted person of your choice can feed your baby.

New mothers may take a baby-feeding break and get much needed rest.

Bottle feeding in public is easily accepted.

Mothers who bottle-feed may take medications as needed without worry of passing unwanted chemicals to their baby.

Mothers who bottle-feed may wear non-baby-related clothing sooner.

Mothers who bottle-feed may practice estrogen-containing oral contraception sooner, as concerns about decrease in breast milk volume do not apply.

Human Touch, Attention, and Love

You can enhance your baby’s bottle-feeding experience by intentionally adding human touch, attention, and love, the three elements of intentional baby care. The mom and baby in the picture above are sharing this powerful connection that accompanies intentional baby care.

All of the care you give your baby, whether bottle-feeding, changing a diaper, or soothing your baby is elevated to extraordinary care when you intentionally add attention, touch, and love.

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

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