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Tips for Changing Baby’s Clothes

Here are a few tips for changing your baby’s clothes to make it easier for both of you.

From "Changing Baby's Clothes" Video

Changing Baby’s Clothes

Two Hands Are Better Than One

If your baby is lying down while you’re changing the clothes, not only will you have both hands free for manipulating arms into sleeves for instance, but your baby will be safer in the process.

Change the Diaper First

It’s smart to change the diaper first. Putting clean clothes on your baby when the diaper is dirty is definitely tempting Fate. It’s usually when you’re running late that whatever mess is in that dirty diaper escapes onto the clean clothes before you get to the diaper change. That puts you back to where you started … changing your baby’s clothes. This tip will save you time, laundry, and frustration.

Make a Big Hole

When dressing your baby in clothing that goes over the head, here’s a tip that protects your baby’s face and ears. First gather the clothing in a ring so that it makes a big hole formed by the neckline and the bottom opening gathered close together.

Slip the clothing over your baby’s head by putting the ring under the back of the head first, then slip the large opening over your baby’s face, clearing the face and ears.

Taking clothing off over the head is just the opposite. First take your baby’s arms out of the clothing, one at a time, and gather the clothing around your baby’s neckline. Make a big hole to first clear the face and ears. Then gently lift your baby to remove the clothing from the back of the head.

This tip will make dressing and undressing your newborn, your baby, your toddler, and child much easier for you and more comfortable for your baby.

Socks Are Really Good

Warmth is vital to maintaining your newborn baby’s health. Warm feet help to warm your baby to the core. Socks provide an extra level of comfort that promotes sleeping, feeding, and all of the things your baby needs to do to grow and thrive. Socks are really good.

How Many Layers

The Post “Dressing Your Newborn: How Many Layers?” (click here) will provide tips to help you know if your baby is warm enough, and tips to help you figure out the number of layers your baby needs.

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

Watch 5-week old Baby Vanessa in a video demonstration of these tips in the ebook Newborn Baby Manual.