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When Babies Rock

Rock your baby … every chance you get.

Rock On

Rock On

It seems that Mother Nature has given us a natural response to rock back and forth when holding a fussy baby. And, sometimes you’ll even find yourself rocking back and forth, without even thinking about it, when your happy baby is in your arms. This natural movement is soothing to your baby, and relaxing for you. But there is a lot more going on than just settling a fussy baby. Thank you Mother Nature!

You may be surprised to learn that rocking provides benefits for your baby, and for you too! Thank goodness for rocking chairs. This simple invention makes it easy to rock in comfort, for longer periods of time, enabling you to indulge in these benefits.

Developmental Benefits

Rocking gently challenges your baby’s balance and equilibrium and improves coordination, head control, and motor development.

Rocking motion stimulates your baby’s internal balance mechanisms helping the muscles, eyes, and brain work in harmony. Studies have shown that your baby will have better head control and will sit, stand, and smile earlier when rocked.

Healthy Emotional Benefits

Rocking enhances your special bond with your baby. Something happens, almost like magic, when you sit quietly rocking your baby that makes the experience truly wonderful, even in the middle of the night.

Rocking is not only soothing for your baby, but feels very relaxing for you too. Because of these pleasurable benefits you might try to plan, or steal, these rocking moments as often as possible.

Rocking makes you feel good.

Enhances Feeding

Rocking during feeding, breast or bottle, improves sucking and coordination and makes feeding more successful.

Feeding your baby in a rocking chair is comforting for both of you, making feeding more enjoyable.

Promotes Sleep

After giving your baby a warm bath, settle into a rocking chair and prepare yourself for quiet time. These precious moments with your baby create memories for a lifetime. You’ll see.

Other Benefits

There are many remarkable benefits to be gained by rocking that perhaps will enhance other areas of your life. I want to share them with you because they are so impressive. In this article by Champ Land you’ll get additional information and the research behind the developmental benefits of rocking mentioned above. And you’ll also discover other valuable life-enhancing benefits for all ages.

“Rocking Chair Therapy Research” 

Rock as if it improves quality of life … because it does!

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN