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The Magic of Attention

Paying attention to your newborn makes baby care magic.

Attention is Magic

Attention is Magic

This mom is showering her newborn with undivided attention … and her newborn is paying attention right back. They both are offering human touch to focus even more intently.

Interacting with your newborn with your full attention sends an important message to your baby.

Attention teaches your newborn to trust in you. Trust is the foundation from which independence, self-confidence, and optimism develop.

Attention allows you to provide consistent, reliable baby care … the care that is proven to promote overall healthy development.

The simple act of paying attention to your baby lays the foundation for success in your newborn’s future … like magic.

 For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

The Magic of Love

Love makes baby care magic.

The Magic of Love

The Magic of Love

Love is the primary building block that permeates intentional baby care. As you remember, intentional baby care is the phenomenal care you give to your newborn (or baby or child) when you intentionally fill your care with attention, love, and human touch.

Love has a powerful influence on the person receiving the love … no matter the age …like magic.

Love is the bridge between you and your newborn that allows the magic to happen.

Confidence, trust, and self-worth develop in your newborn in the presence of love.

Love makes baby care easier and more fun … for both of you.

Love expands within you when you give it away.

Loving baby care makes both of you happy.

You can choose intentional baby care … and watch an amazing human being unfold.

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

The Magic in Baby Care

Because it’s Christmas, and because I’m a baby nurse, I found myself thinking about the baby care that Baby Jesus received.

Without strollers, car seats, and separate bedrooms, Baby Jesus must have been held a lot. Holding provides an abundance of human touch and attention. And we know from history that Baby Jesus was loved and adored.  

Here is a video created to celebrate this very special baby care and the magic it holds for all newborn babies … for all time.

Unleash the magic in baby care with human touch, attention, and love. 

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

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Having a Baby

What does it really mean to have a baby?

Newborn Babies

When you have a baby, if you think about it, you don’t just have “a baby” but you truly create another human being, a person who will make a difference, large or small, in our world. This person you create will be a newborn for only 28 days, and will be an infant/baby for only one year. Your baby will be a baby for a very short time.

So the message is this:

Enjoy your newborn, enjoy your baby, while you can.

Take advantage of your baby’s perfect design and carry, hold, and wear your newborn or baby often to reap all of the wonderful benefits available to both of you.

Pay attention to your newborn and to your baby.

Provide an abundance of human touch, love, and attention (intentional baby care) at every opportunity.

Intentional baby care is proven to help you nurture a capable, independent, self-confident, loving, trusting, optimistic human being … starting from Day 1.

Having a baby means you have the power to make baby care choices that can make a world of difference, literally.

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

Intentional Baby Care

Did you know that baby care, and how you choose to provide it, starting from Day 1, has the power to influence the person your baby will become? 

intentional Baby Care

Human Touch, Attention, Love

It’s Powerful

Intentional baby care, a phrase I’ve created to encompass what I believe is the highest form of care you can give your baby, is a choice readily available to you. Elevating ordinary baby care to this extraordinary level involves consciously choosing to provide your care with an abundance of human touch, attention, and love.

Human Touch

Loving human touch has the ability to instill confidence, improve health, enhance brain development, increase happiness, and create a resourcefulness that enables your baby to handle life as it unfolds. Human touch is truly magic! With this understanding, holding your baby (human touch magnified) suddenly takes on new meaning. This natural act of holding your baby gives your newborn precious gifts that influence life, present and future.


Intentionally paying attention to your newborn allows you to learn your baby’s language and cues, and allows you to respond consistently and reliably to your baby’s needs. This attentive care is extraordinary because it teaches your baby to see people as generally trustworthy and loving, and to see the world as basically a safe place full of possibilities. Paying attention to your baby gives your newborn the gifts of self-confidence and an optimistic outlook, influencing the person your baby will become.


This thing we call love is the primary building block that permeates intentional baby care. Love is the bridge between you and your newborn that allows these profound gifts of intentional baby care, love included, to be given and received. Give your love freely and watch an amazing human being unfold.

Intentional baby care is a powerful choice.

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN