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Baby’s Stuffy Nose Keeping You Awake?

Your baby’s stuffy nose may sound really bad.

Sleeping Baby

Sleeping Baby

First Cold

When your baby gets older and has his or her first cold it can be very distressing. It is very difficult as a parent to see your baby suffering from any illness. Here are some tips that may help to guide you.


When your baby gets sick the first symptom you will notice is a change in behavior. Perhaps your baby is more quite than usual, more sleepy, or more fussy. You’ll just know that something is not right. Your doctor has learned to pay attention to the expression “something is not right” because it frequently is the best way you can explain what is happening with your baby. And your doctor already knows that a change in behavior is typically the first symptom of illness that usually precedes fever, rash, runny nose, or any other symptoms that may be part of the illness. Your baby’s behavior is also a guide to how sick your baby is as the illness runs its course.

Stuffy Nose

If a stuffy nose is part of your baby’s symptoms, sleep can be difficult. Because your baby’s nasal passages are so tiny, even a small amount of mucus can cause an obstruction that sounds really bad. The first question an advice nurse or doctor will ask you about your baby’s stuffy nose is “Does it keep your baby awake … or does it just keep you awake?” Your answer to that question helps determine treatment, if any, and is also meant to give you reassurance. If your baby is sleeping just fine, even though you can hear that your baby has a stuffy nose, the treatment is to let your baby sleep. Being aware that your baby is sleeping fine despite this symptom will hopefully give you the reassurance you need to go back to sleep too. Rest for both of you is the best help for getting through this difficult time of illness.

When to Call the Doctor

If your baby is less than 3 months old you should call your baby’s doctor when you first suspect that your baby may be sick. There will be an advice nurse to guide you and help you make decisions about care. Fever in this age group is not common, so if fever is noted (a temperature greater than or equal to 100.4 degrees) you must see a doctor as soon as possible.

Information Is Good

Unfortunately science has not been able to eliminate the common cold from the human experience, but hopefully it will be a very long time before your baby does get sick. And hopefully this information will help you manage more confidently, and perhaps give you some measure of reassurance when that time does come.

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN


New Version of Newborn Baby Manual

If you have a copy of this ebook you will be interested to know that an updated version is now available for your added reading and viewing enjoyment.

New Book Cover Art for WP jpeg300px

What’s New

Font change in the videos makes it easier to read captions while keeping your focus on the demonstrations.

List of Baby Care Videos is hyperlinked to give you easy access to any video any time.

“Praise for Newborn Baby Manual” page shares insight into what this book offers from the readers point of view.

Simplified cover art captures the unique feature of embedded videos. All of the “Things You Should Know” are still the same.


I hope you enjoy the new version of your book.  I think you will like the video changes!

D. Fravert, RN

Talking to Your Newborn Increases IQ!

Talk to your newborn and raise your baby’s IQ

Talking to Your Newborn

Your Voice and Your Attention Are Powerful

Perhaps it comes naturally for you to talk to your newborn baby about most anything that crosses your mind. Or, perhaps you have never really thought about talking to a person who cannot yet hold a conversation with you. You might be surprised to learn how important it is to simply talk to your baby … a lot!

Reading versus Talking

You are already aware that reading to your baby helps your baby differentiate the sounds of words and the intonation of your language, making it easier for your baby to imitate language when needed. But, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), not only is reading to your baby highly beneficial, but the less formal times of sharing everyday “conversations” with your baby are very important too. You can enhance your baby’s brain development and have a smarter baby just by talking to your baby. That’s amazing. Learn more about the AAP’s findings in their article

“The Secret to a Smarter Baby”

There’s More

Recently a friend shared another interesting article that documents the research supporting the importance of talking to your newborn. Apparently the continuous monologue that you can have with your baby … What shall we wear today? Do you like the yellow one or the red one? Ok, the red one it is! … is extremely important and has the power to increase your baby’s IQ. According to Tina Rosenberg in this new article

“The Power of Talking to Your Baby”

(based on the research of Hart and Risley, University of Kansas, 1995) “the greater the number of words children heard from their parents or caregivers before they were 3, the higher their IQ and the better they did in school. TV talk not only didn’t help, it was detrimental.” Simple, direct, and remarkable.

More is More

So in this new article, it is emphasized that the more words your baby hears, the greater the increase in your baby’s IQ. This seems like such a simple thing to do … yet it has such a profound impact. Now you (and everyone you share this information with) can intentionally help your baby have a more positive outcome in life. Being smart has its advantages … for a lifetime.

Your Attention

The last line of Rosenberg’s comment is valuable because hearing your words, not those of any TV program, are the language and sounds that make a difference. I believe this significant difference is influenced by the attention that goes along with the words you share with your baby. Paying attention to your newborn while sharing the events of the day in a streamed monologue is a very easy way to give your baby the best start in life. Your words and attention are very powerful.

Give your newborn a brighter future by talking to your baby as often as you can.

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

Tips for Happy Bathing: Part I

Bath time can be a fun part of baby care, for both of you.

Newborn Sleeping on Towels

One Towel is Safe for Bathing

Two keys to happy and safe bath times are warmth and hands-free bathing.


Warmth applies to the room temperature as well as to the water temperature. The warmth of the room, and the warmth of the water, help your baby to relax and enjoy this new experience. When giving your newborn a sponge bath you may set up a bathing area in any warm room. It might even be the kitchen!

Hands-Free Bathing

Whether sponge bathing or tub bathing, you’ll need two hands free to safely manipulate your baby’s soapy, slippery arms, legs, and body. Safe means your newborn is protected from falling or drowning, without requiring you to hold on to your baby during the bath. This safe bath area allows you to have both hands free to safely wash and rinse your baby. Safe, as you know, also means never leaving your baby unattended during bathing.

Sponge Bath

The newborn in the picture is sleeping on a pallet of towels much too high for safe bathing, but perfect for an adorable picture. For your newborn’s sponge bath, one folded adult bath towel should be sufficient to provide the desired softness and absorption, as well as give you a safe area for hands-free bathing. Keeping bath supplies close to the towel pallet allows you to work easily and quickly, helping to keep your baby warm.

Tub Bathing

Currently the common guideline for when your baby can be placed in water that covers the abdomen, is after your baby’s cord has fallen off and the skin has healed completely. Using a baby bathtub may be a great way to make this transition easily. There are a variety of colorful tubs to choose from, offering a variety of options for your baby’s safety and comfort.

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

“Sponge Bath” Video: You will be able to see a demonstration of safe and hands-free bathing, and a happy newborn Baby Vanessa, in Newborn Baby Manual.

Diaper Change Video

Tips for changing your baby’s diaper.

This step-by-step video will show you a few inside tips to help you change your newborn’s diaper more easily, and perhaps save you a bit of laundry.

Although the video demonstrates changing a disposable diaper, many of the tips and tricks can be applied to your cloth-diapering experience too.

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

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Now babies come with instructions too! 

New Book Cover Art for WP jpeg300pxEverything you need to provide exceptional newborn care and raise an amazing human being is at your fingertips … literally. This multi-touch ebook offers delightful how-to baby care video demonstrations to show you how to change your baby’s diaper, how to give your newborn a bath, how to trim those tiny nails, and so much more.

“Taking Your Baby Home” helps you know what to expect and what to pack for your first days together.

“Learning About Your Baby” teaches you how to read your baby’s cues, how to have a smarter baby, the benefits of babywearing, the perfect design of baby sleep, etc.

“Tips” offers 65 pages of nothing but practical tips for swaddling, holding, bathing, feeding, changing diapers and clothes, etc.

“Health, Safety & Education” provides peace of mind as you learn about hand washing, preventing falls, fever, when to call the doctor, and more.

“Most Important” teaches you about intentional baby care and the amazing benefits for your newborn, present and future.

Gentle guidance, encouragement, and support fill these 160 pages, giving you confidence and peace of mind.

Having a baby nurse demonstrate baby care and provide answers to your questions 24/7 is extremely helpful in these early days of learning about your newborn. Newborn Baby Manual offers you that opportunity.

The post “Look Inside Newborn Baby Manual” provides a detailed Table of Contents and  complete list of Baby Care Videos for this newborn care instruction manual. You can download Newborn Baby Manual on your iPad or Kindle.

Praise for Newborn Baby Manual …

“I absolutely loved the book. It is personal, yet factual, and supported by science. The step-by-step instruction along with the video tutorials make it easy for new parents to learn….”

Denise Malig, RN, BSN, baby nurse, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford

“We are loving the book, thank you! There is a wealth of information in this guide to newborn care. My husband and I are going through it together. Very helpful! I’ll definitely be telling my friends about it!”

Cara Bailey, first-time mom in third trimester, due May 2013

“….they say “Babies don’t come with an instruction manual.” Well, here it is! This book gives clear, concise information about everything newborn. All of the topics are easy to understand. The videos are so detailed you will feel like you brought your nurse home from the hospital!”

Ana Sanchez, RN III, baby nurse, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford

How to Swaddle Your Newborn

Taking the mystery out of swaddling your newborn.

Swaddled Newborn

Swaddled Newborn


Most newborn babies are comforted by being swaddled. Swaddling is a special way to snugly wrap your baby in a blanket to keep arms and legs held close to the body, similar to being snuggled in the womb. Your newborn should like being snuggled in a swaddle.

Swaddling For Holding

Although I cannot endorse leaving a baby unattended in this position, even for an amazingly cute photo, the baby in the picture demonstrates being swaddled very well. This neatly swaddled little bundle gives you more control of your baby, and more confidence in handling your newborn. You should try it!


Here is a delightful video of a newborn being swaddled. Notice the extra little “locking fold” at the shoulder that helps to keep your swaddle wrap in place. This special tip was discovered by a natural inclination to always seek a better way … and I’m happy to share it with you.

The Perfect Swaddle

The perfect swaddle is the one that makes you and your baby happy. Have fun with your newborn!

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

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