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The Football Hold

The football hold may come in handy in several situations.

Newborn Football Hold

Stop and Stare

Football Hold

There’s a way to hold your baby cradled “like a football” that allows you to have one hand free to accomplish other necessary tasks. This hold is appropriately named the football hold.

Stop And Stare

There will be times when you just can’t get enough of your newborn. You want to stop and stare in wonder at the miracle you have created.

In this picture mom has her left hand positioned perfectly for the football hold, supporting her baby’s head, neck, and back. To complete the football hold mom would simply shift her baby to her left side. Braced securely against her side, mom would now  have her right hand free to play with tiny fingers or stroke her baby’s downy head. Precious moments like these can easily be yours too.

You may find this hold very useful many times throughout your day. For example …


When bathing your newborn, your baby will be happier if you wash the face and body first, and save the hair wash for last. Swaddle your clean, diapered baby in a dry towel and use the football hold to wash the hair. The water and bubbles naturally fall away from your baby’s face, adding to your newborn’s comfort. Your baby should feel warm and secure next to you, making hair washing more enjoyable.


If you choose to breastfeed your baby there may be times when the football hold will be beneficial. When you cradle your newborn across your body for feeding, you are supporting your baby’s head, neck, and back with the same hand and arm position you would use for the football hold. When you are ready to switch your baby to the opposite breast for continued feeding, keep your hand and arm in place to support your baby and simply slide your baby across your body. Your baby will now be settled at your side. Sometimes this easy move helps to keep your baby interested and successfully breastfeeding.

Soon enough the football hold will become a comfortable way to hold your baby in many situations throughout your day. You’ll see!

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN