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Tips for Happy Bathing: Part II

Another important tip: Gather supplies first!

Safe, Hands-Free Bath Supplies

Safe, Hands-Free Bath Area and Supplies


Here is a screen shot of the supplies used in the video Sponge Bath. Having all of the supplies you need at your fingertips allows you to work easily and confidently, and helps you keep your baby warm. A warm baby is a happy baby, and keeps bath time fun!

Build a Pallet

Fold a baby towel (or absorbent baby blanket) so that it’s ready to use for swaddling your clean baby at the end of the bath (before the hair wash) and cover it with a waterproof pad to keep it dry during bathing. You can see a small part of the green pad in the picture, and of course the baby towel is protected and hidden.

Fold one adult bath towel and place it on top of the pad to provide the soft and absorbent area where your baby will lie during bathing. Be sure to leave room on the waterproof pad to place used wet washcloths. Your pallet is complete!

Towel for Baby

You will need a small towel for covering and drying your baby during the bath.

Baby Soap

Any baby soap you choose for hair and body is good. You can get baby shampoo and baby body soap separately, or purchase a combined head-to-toe baby soap. The choice is yours.

Baby Washcloths

Baby washcloths are gentle on your newborn’s skin because they are softer. You will need 6-8 of them for each bath so that you can just grab a new cloth for every step (wash/rinse/wash/rinse etc.) and not worry about trying to get the soap out of the washcloth for rinsing. This method will remove more soap from your baby’s skin and will keep your basin of water relatively clean for more effective rinsing.

Diapers and Wipes

Have 2 diapers ready, the extra one is just in case. Baby wipes should be used to clean a dirty baby bottom. You will wash this wiped-clean bottom with baby soap and water during the bath. Keeping baby stool out of your bath water is a measure of safety.

Change of Clothes

Clean clothes picked out and at your fingertips make it easy for you to dress your baby right away. You guessed it … getting dressed will help keep your baby warm too, the key ingredient for happy bathing.

Basin of Water

For your baby’s comfort consider preparing the warm water last, just prior to getting your baby. Warm bath water is essential.

Warm Room

Because it’s worthy of repetition, your baby will be happier if you set up the bath in a warm spot in your home. It just might be the kitchen!

Once you know how to do the sponge bath the tub bath comes easily.

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

The video demonstration for a newborn sponge bath is available in Newborn Baby Manual.

Bottle or Breast for My Newborn?

Gathering information will help you choose for your newborn.

Newborn Rooting

Hungry Baby

Making the decision to feed your newborn by bottle or by breast can be confusing for some new mothers. Here are some thoughts that may help you.

Whether your baby is in your womb, in your arms, or in your future, you have within you a reliable guide to help you make decisions on behalf of your newborn. This guide is the feeling you get when presented with any choice … most commonly known as your gut response.

As you gather information for and against bottle and breast this guide within you will react to the information you find. When you “feel good” about what you are learning, adopt that information or belief as your own. When you “feel bad” about what you are learning, discard that information and choose another direction.

This internal guide, that responds to the information you gather, works for all of your decisions for your baby, not just for feeding decisions.

When you make a choice that feels right for you, you will be happier. And when that happiness persists, it acts to confirm your decision.

Because your baby naturally takes his or her cues from you, you’ll see that when you are happy your baby will be happier too!

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

Benefits of Babywearing

Babywearing benefits both of you.

newborn baby wearing

Wearing Your Baby

Happy Baby

Holding your newborn is a way to give your baby many gifts, happiness being one of them. Wearing your newborn is holding sustained and magnified. You’ll soon discover that the secret to a happy baby is to wear your baby.

Less Crying

Research has shown that babies who are worn cry less than babies who are not held or worn. If less crying is part of the definition of a happy baby, and who could argue with that, then wearing your baby is definitely a valuable key to happiness.

Promotes Development

Studies have also shown that the movement your baby experiences helps to increase balance and muscle tone for your newborn, developing your baby’s motor skills and coordination. These are wonderful gifts to give your baby.

Safe Environment

Wearing your newborn offers the advantage of keeping your baby close to you, making it easier to protect your baby from strangers, and easier to share your baby with those you choose. Always wear your baby facing you.

Quality Sleep

Wearing your newborn provides the perfect place for your baby to fall asleep as needed, rocked by the rhythm of your life. You may find that your baby will stay asleep longer when snuggled, warm and comfortable, protected and loved, next to you.

Easy Exercise

You’ve probably already thought of the obvious benefits to you that exercise provides. Wearing your baby while going for a walk should not only promote a healthy body, mind, and spirit but should also make walking for exercise more fun!


Another obvious benefit is convenience. Crowded places are easy to navigate, and careful use of stairs or escalators eliminates the trek to find the elevator. Your hands are free to browse your favorite section of the book store, to choose the freshest fruit at the farmers’ market, or to text a friend, all the while knowing your baby is safe even if you’re a little distracted by the details of your adventures.

Enjoy wearing your baby. It’s wonderful for both of you!

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN