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Babies Are Meant to Be Held

Mother Nature designed babies to be held.

Newborn Held by Loving Dad

Encourages Independence

Holding your newborn allows your baby to explore the world from a safe environment. Growing, exploring, and learning while close to you gives your baby the gift of confidence. Confidence is shown to encourage less clinging and promotes independence sooner than you would expect.

Size Matters

Let’s not forget that the actual design of newborns and babies lends itself to holding quite well. Babies are small, and can be picked up and held very easily. Babies also do not weigh a lot, so that holding in your arms, or even with one arm on occasion, is accomplished easily. And when you would love to hold your baby but need to have your arms and hands free to do something else, your baby’s light weight can be supported by a baby sling or wrap, specially designed to keep your baby safe while you test the avocados for ripeness or hold your four-year-old’s hand while crossing the street.

Your baby will be the perfect size and weight for holding and wearing for the first year of life definitely. Just know that the first year with your baby will go by very quickly, and the opportunity for babywearing will disappear quickly too. One day you will turn around and your “baby” will be graduating from high school. It happens!


There’s a natural and special bond that occurs when holding your newborn. This special bond is not limited to parents only. It happens with anyone who is blessed with the opportunity to hold your baby.

Learning Your Newborn’s Cues

Being close together makes it easier to read your newborn’s cues. Because you’ll immediately notice the squirming, rooting, or other early baby cues you may be able to eliminate the need for your baby to cry to get your attention. Less crying is good for both of you and makes newborn care easier. To help you learn your baby’s cues more easily, choose to hold your baby often.

Calm-Alert States

You will find that your baby is more calm when awake, and not easily overstimulated while being held. Studies have shown that these calm-alert states are the perfect state of mind and body for learning to occur easily.

Meant to Be Held

These are just a few of the valuable benefits your baby will receive by being held. You will be able to observe and experience even more as you hold and wear your own baby. Feel free to share what you learn!

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN