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The Magic of Human Touch

Human Touch Makes Baby Care Magic

Human Touch Benefits Newborn

Human Touch Creates Magic

Holding your baby, wearing your baby, stroking your baby’s downy head and tender skin are ways you can provide loving human touch in your baby care.

Intentionally touching your baby is beneficial for your baby because it promotes healthy growth and development, both mentally and physically.

When you provide abundant human touch for your newborn you are giving your baby the long-term gifts of:


independence (less clingy)

healthy emotional development (less aggressive behavior)

healthy body development (newborns held skin to skin regulate breathing and heart rate better, maintain normal body temperature better, and have fewer infections)

Abundant human touch in baby care is proven to have a positive influence … like magic.

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

Intentional Baby Care

Did you know that baby care, and how you choose to provide it, starting from Day 1, has the power to influence the person your baby will become? 

intentional Baby Care

Human Touch, Attention, Love

It’s Powerful

Intentional baby care, a phrase I’ve created to encompass what I believe is the highest form of care you can give your baby, is a choice readily available to you. Elevating ordinary baby care to this extraordinary level involves consciously choosing to provide your care with an abundance of human touch, attention, and love.

Human Touch

Loving human touch has the ability to instill confidence, improve health, enhance brain development, increase happiness, and create a resourcefulness that enables your baby to handle life as it unfolds. Human touch is truly magic! With this understanding, holding your baby (human touch magnified) suddenly takes on new meaning. This natural act of holding your baby gives your newborn precious gifts that influence life, present and future.


Intentionally paying attention to your newborn allows you to learn your baby’s language and cues, and allows you to respond consistently and reliably to your baby’s needs. This attentive care is extraordinary because it teaches your baby to see people as generally trustworthy and loving, and to see the world as basically a safe place full of possibilities. Paying attention to your baby gives your newborn the gifts of self-confidence and an optimistic outlook, influencing the person your baby will become.


This thing we call love is the primary building block that permeates intentional baby care. Love is the bridge between you and your newborn that allows these profound gifts of intentional baby care, love included, to be given and received. Give your love freely and watch an amazing human being unfold.

Intentional baby care is a powerful choice.

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN