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Tips About Your Newborn’s Head

The shape of your newborn’s head may surprise you!

newborn baby in hospital

A Few Hours Old

At Birth

When your baby is first born you may notice the shape of your newborn’s head is not what you expected. In all of the pictures you see, newborn babies have perfectly rounded heads that imitate the natural shape of humans. But when they hand you your newborn for the first time, your baby’s head may have a noticeable ridge along the top of the head, or the head may be markedly oval and not rounded at all. No worries. These unusual appearances are temporary, and not uncommon.

By Design

By perfect design, your baby is born with the bones of the skull separated into primarily five plates that are held together by fibrous membranes. This design accommodates both you and your baby during delivery to allow for safe passage through the birth canal. These separated plates also accommodate the rapid growth of your baby’s brain during the first year of life.

The First Week

Because of these shifting plates, your baby’s head may also assume a variety of unusual shapes during the first week of life. These changing head shapes are caused by the position of your baby’s head at rest, and usually create a noticeably flat area on the side in contact with the sleeping surface. To help return your newborn’s head to a more natural shape, you can gently rotate your sleeping baby’s head so that the pressure of the mattress, or your shoulder, is on the opposite side. Changing the position of the head as needed will help it become more naturally rounded over time. Your back-to-sleep baby may just turn the head back to midline after your attempt to rotate the head to one side or the other, but it’s worth the try.

Babywearing Helps

Holding your baby or having your newborn in a soft cloth carrier will help to keep your baby’s head more rounded too. Because your baby’s head will not be pushing against a plastic carrier, or against a firm mattress for sleep on some occasions, wearing your baby will help to maintain a nicely rounded head.

The Future

Just for fun, notice the adults you encounter in life and the shapes of their heads. It will be easy to appreciate a nicely shaped head for your baby. And, your grown-up baby will be very grateful for a nicely shaped head that can sport any hairstyle, even the currently popular shaved look for men or the partially shaved styles for young women.

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

Benefits of Babywearing

Babywearing benefits both of you.

newborn baby wearing

Wearing Your Baby

Happy Baby

Holding your newborn is a way to give your baby many gifts, happiness being one of them. Wearing your newborn is holding sustained and magnified. You’ll soon discover that the secret to a happy baby is to wear your baby.

Less Crying

Research has shown that babies who are worn cry less than babies who are not held or worn. If less crying is part of the definition of a happy baby, and who could argue with that, then wearing your baby is definitely a valuable key to happiness.

Promotes Development

Studies have also shown that the movement your baby experiences helps to increase balance and muscle tone for your newborn, developing your baby’s motor skills and coordination. These are wonderful gifts to give your baby.

Safe Environment

Wearing your newborn offers the advantage of keeping your baby close to you, making it easier to protect your baby from strangers, and easier to share your baby with those you choose. Always wear your baby facing you.

Quality Sleep

Wearing your newborn provides the perfect place for your baby to fall asleep as needed, rocked by the rhythm of your life. You may find that your baby will stay asleep longer when snuggled, warm and comfortable, protected and loved, next to you.

Easy Exercise

You’ve probably already thought of the obvious benefits to you that exercise provides. Wearing your baby while going for a walk should not only promote a healthy body, mind, and spirit but should also make walking for exercise more fun!


Another obvious benefit is convenience. Crowded places are easy to navigate, and careful use of stairs or escalators eliminates the trek to find the elevator. Your hands are free to browse your favorite section of the book store, to choose the freshest fruit at the farmers’ market, or to text a friend, all the while knowing your baby is safe even if you’re a little distracted by the details of your adventures.

Enjoy wearing your baby. It’s wonderful for both of you!

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

How To Soothe Your Newborn Baby

Trying to soothe your newborn by making a “SHHHH” sound at your crying baby may not be best.  I believe there is a better way.

newborn soothing wearing

Naturally Soothing

What “SHHHH” Means

Perhaps the intention behind making this SHHHH sound is to try to simulate the sounds your newborn may have heard in the womb. Simulating womb environment in an effort to soothe you newborn is very good idea. But I believe the common interpretation of “SHHHH” is to tell someone to be quiet.

Simulating Womb Environment

Using other qualities of womb environment that are naturally soothing may be a better way to soothe your crying newborn. In the womb your baby is rocked by your movement, warmed by your body heat, and held securely within your womb. By far these are the important elements of womb comfort, easy to duplicate after your baby is born.

Wear Your Baby

Holding and/or wearing your newborn in a soft cloth carrier allows you to keep your baby snuggled next to you. Just like being in the womb, your newborn will be rocked by your movement, warmed by your body heat, held securely, and will also hear your actual heartbeat and smell your familiar scent while safe and warm—an environment that is most definitely soothing to your baby.

For a happier baby, hold or wear your newborn often. It’s a wonderful habit to develop that’s not only soothing to your baby, but also beneficial for your baby’s health and well-being too.

For more ways to provide simple but exceptional newborn care check out Newborn Baby Manual for your iPad or Kindle.

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

What Is Kangaroo Care?

Perhaps you have already heard the term Kangaroo Care, but would like to know a little more about it.

Newborn Held In Kangaroo Care

Kangaroo Care

I assure you your curiosity will be greatly rewarded.

Kangaroo Care

Kangaroo Care is a method of holding your newborn skin to skin that was developed in Bogotá, Colombia, in 1978. In answer to challenging work conditions mothers were asked to hold their newborn babies to free the limited number of staff and incubators. Having mothers hold their new babies skin to skin on their chests provided an efficient and inexpensive way to care for premature babies. At the time in Bogotá, premature babies had only a 30% (3 out of 10) chance for survival. The impact of this practice was astounding as the outcome for these newborns improved dramatically, giving them a 70% (7 out of 10) chance for survival.


Scientists became very interested in these results and began studying Kangaroo Care. They discovered that babies held skin to skin gained weight faster, required less oxygen assistance for breathing, regulated heart rate and rhythm more easily, maintained warm body temperatures, had fewer infections, and survived more than twice as often as babies not given Kangaroo Care. All of these amazing benefits were a direct result of skin-to-skin contact between babies and their mothers. This physical connection produced physiological changes for these premature babies, resulting in positive, life-affirming outcomes.

For Your Baby

These same health benefits, provided by mothers to their newborns, are available for your baby as well. Kangaroo Care is beneficial for all newborn babies whether premature, term, or post-term. You can start holding your baby skin to skin on Day 1 of life. Most hospitals encourage Kangaroo Care and your baby’s nurse should be able to help you get settled comfortably. Make sure you’re in a safe place and position while holding your baby in Kangaroo Care

This special holding method is primarily a time for your baby to sleep and grow, and for that natural miracle of bonding to occur. So whenever possible after delivery, hold your newborn baby skin to skin in Kangaroo Care. Phenomenal baby care, easily yours.

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN