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Ease Your Fears About Having a Newborn

Is it possible to ease your fears about having a newborn?

Newborn Care

Newborn Care

I believe … yes, it is.

Experience Is a Good Teacher

My own experience as a baby nurse allowed me to observe first hand that new parents’ fears were easily quelled and quickly changed to confidence with a newborn care professional by their side. Without fail, demonstrating baby care and sharing tips to make life easier worked miracles for new parents, and for their newborns. With just a little help, happy babies were fed, burped, changed, swaddled, and cuddled with confidence and with ease.

The experience of trying to provide hands-on newborn care for the first few times with a baby professional by their side made all of the difference in the world. Professional support quickly changed fear to confidence and allowed new parents to enjoy having a newborn.

Now You Can Have This Experience Too

Wanting to help ease your fears too by offering this same support to you, and to new parents everywhere, is what prompted the creation of Newborn Baby Manual—Tips & Videos. You can now have a baby nurse by your side 24/7 to provide visual demonstrations of baby care (videos) and share professional tips to make your new life easier.


Repetition is the perfect way to learn most anything in life. This guide to newborn care provides that gift of repetition.

You now have the opportunity to learn the important basics of newborn care, even before your baby arrives. Learning tips and techniques in advance can help take the guess work and trial and error out of this new experience ahead of you.

And, having video demonstration at your fingertips can give you the opportunity to reference “Changing Your Baby’s Diaper” for instance, as needed, once you are home alone with your newborn.

Knowing What to Expect

Newborn Baby Manual also provides important information about the first 30 days with your newborn. Learning about your baby’s cues, the perfect design of baby sleep, feeding your baby whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding, positively influencing your baby’s body and brain development, and the wonderful benefits your baby care choices can provide, etc. will also help build your confidence about newborn care.

Conversations about these topics happen spontaneously at the bedside when new parents are learning to care for their newborns. Now you can have these same “conversations” before your baby is even born. Having most of your questions answered in advance will help you know what to expect.

Ease Your Fears

Knowing what to expect will ease your fears.

Understanding your newborn will ease your fears.

Practicing newborn care tips and techniques will ease your fears.

The Unknown

There is always the element of the unknown that is part of any new experience … and with it may come a fear of the unknown. But, I believe that the support provided in Newborn Baby Manual will ease your fear of having a newborn, and will allow you to truly enjoy this new experience, starting on Day 1.

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

New Baby New Emotions

Having a new baby awakens new emotions.

That First Night

That First Night


Although everyone’s experience is different, most every new mother feels her emotions are overwhelming at some time in the days to weeks following childbirth. A combination of hormones, fatigue, and the desire to do your best with the little experience you have as a first time mom all play together and can throw your life out of proportion at times. Just knowing this common experience is both normal and possible may be helpful for you. Here are some examples.


That first night after giving birth, as you realize there is no going back, an overwhelming sense of responsibility may engulf you. Your life has changed dramatically. Not that you really want to go back to the way things were, but the “24-hourness” of having a baby is no longer a general concept, but is now your reality. Suddenly you have a tiny person totally dependent on you. It can feel overwhelming.

Let Them Help

This overwhelming sense of responsibility may make you feel that you alone must do the work of caring for your baby. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. You may have family and friends willing to help you. They know they will never change as many diapers as you will during your baby’s diaper stage, and a few now and then are just part of sharing your baby. Letting someone help you requires trust, and the person who helps is aware of the gift.


Your overwhelming emotions may make you feel that your baby somehow is an inconvenience to others around you, particularly when your newborn is unhappy and letting everyone know. I assure you that those around you choose you and your baby and delight in the time together no matter what. Your baby is just being a baby, not an inconvenience, something your family and friends (whose emotions are not running rampant) already know.

It Gets Better

Taking the moments as they come, and giving your best in those moments, will help you through these emotional times. And, when the opportunity presents itself, letting someone help you will be beneficial for all three of you. As you become more experienced, and as your helpers prove trustworthy, you will be able to feel more relaxed, and not so easily overwhelmed, allowing you to truly enjoy this new adventure. Little by little, it gets better.

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

Bottle or Breast for My Newborn?

Gathering information will help you choose for your newborn.

Newborn Rooting

Hungry Baby

Making the decision to feed your newborn by bottle or by breast can be confusing for some new mothers. Here are some thoughts that may help you.

Whether your baby is in your womb, in your arms, or in your future, you have within you a reliable guide to help you make decisions on behalf of your newborn. This guide is the feeling you get when presented with any choice … most commonly known as your gut response.

As you gather information for and against bottle and breast this guide within you will react to the information you find. When you “feel good” about what you are learning, adopt that information or belief as your own. When you “feel bad” about what you are learning, discard that information and choose another direction.

This internal guide, that responds to the information you gather, works for all of your decisions for your baby, not just for feeding decisions.

When you make a choice that feels right for you, you will be happier. And when that happiness persists, it acts to confirm your decision.

Because your baby naturally takes his or her cues from you, you’ll see that when you are happy your baby will be happier too!

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN