Babies: The Simple Design

 Here’s a little insight into the simple design of your baby.


newborn baby sleeping

Sleeping Peacefully

Babies Sleep When They Are Tired

Unlike adults who push themselves to stay awake to get things done, your baby will happily go to sleep when sleepy. Your baby is most successful at falling asleep when warm, dry, fed, burped, and held. About 20 minutes after falling asleep your baby should be in deep sleep. Deep sleep allows you to transfer your baby to another sleeping place if necessary, without fear of waking your baby. It’s a perfect design.

Babies Eat When They Are Hungry

Like adults your baby will eat in response to hunger. Unlike adults your baby will not eat (or overeat) because of stress, boredom, or a clever commercial. Babies eat because they are hungry, and they stop when they are full. It’s that simple.

Babies Cry For A Reason

Having a baby that cries occasionally is expected, but did you know that your baby isn’t just crying at random? Something will cause your baby to cry, such as pain, hunger, or discomfort of some kind. Pain, hunger, and discomfort are problems your baby cannot solve alone. Your baby is “asking” you, in the baby language of crying, to help solve the problem.

Keeping your baby’s simple design in mind provides benefits for both of you, present and future. Honoring your baby’s design is a measure of respect.

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

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