How To Soothe Your Newborn Baby

Trying to soothe your newborn by making a “SHHHH” sound at your crying baby may not be best.  I believe there is a better way.

newborn soothing wearing

Naturally Soothing

What “SHHHH” Means

Perhaps the intention behind making this SHHHH sound is to try to simulate the sounds your newborn may have heard in the womb. Simulating womb environment in an effort to soothe you newborn is very good idea. But I believe the common interpretation of “SHHHH” is to tell someone to be quiet.

Simulating Womb Environment

Using other qualities of womb environment that are naturally soothing may be a better way to soothe your crying newborn. In the womb your baby is rocked by your movement, warmed by your body heat, and held securely within your womb. By far these are the important elements of womb comfort, easy to duplicate after your baby is born.

Wear Your Baby

Holding and/or wearing your newborn in a soft cloth carrier allows you to keep your baby snuggled next to you. Just like being in the womb, your newborn will be rocked by your movement, warmed by your body heat, held securely, and will also hear your actual heartbeat and smell your familiar scent while safe and warm—an environment that is most definitely soothing to your baby.

For a happier baby, hold or wear your newborn often. It’s a wonderful habit to develop that’s not only soothing to your baby, but also beneficial for your baby’s health and well-being too.

For more ways to provide simple but exceptional newborn care check out Newborn Baby Manual for your iPad or Kindle.

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

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