How Do I Know My Newborn Is Hungry?

Hunger cues let you know when your newborn is hungry.

Newborn Rooting


Hunger Cues

Sucking, flailing hands, head turning, and an open searching mouth are early, body-language hunger cues. These particular hunger cues usually precede crying.

The cues that your baby displays, prior to crying to get your attention, are known as early baby cues. Being able to recognize these early hunger cues, as well other early baby cues, is beneficial for your baby.* Thank you Mother Nature for baby cues!


Here is a video to demonstrate these early body-language cues for hunger. They are commonly referred to as “rooting.”

Since your newborn will want to eat about every 2 to 3 hours you will become very familiar with rooting, very quickly.

Learning to read your baby’s early body-language cues will make your life easier. Your baby will be happier overall by having basic needs met in response to early baby cues, rather than in response to crying. Your happier baby makes you happier too!

For you and yours,

D. Fravert, RN

Music “Touching Moments Two” Kevin MacLeod ©D. Fravert, RN.

* “Crying babies: Answering the call of infant cries” by M. Faris, Texas Childcare Quarterly

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